Thursday, 16 February 2012

Many victims of crime to miss out on compensation

The Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke has announced plans to reform the current Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

Under the government funded schemes victims of a crime can make a claim for compensation for physical and mental injuries suffered. The new proposals will however mean that those who suffer from what will be classed as minor injuries, will not be entitled to claim.

The proposed reform has come under critisism as the definition of 'minor injuries' appears to include sprained ankles, broken toes and fingers, bruised ribs and even dislocated jaw.

Further changes to the scheme are aimed at preventing those who have been previously convicted of crimes from claiming for injuries caused by a criminal act committed against them, except in exceptional circumstances.

One proposed change will may well be welcomed is the requirement that all convicted criminals will have to pay a set amount into the scheme to boost the funds available.

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